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our story

We love burgers. And I mean, we really love burgers! So much so, that after moving to Bicester just over a year ago my wife, Flavia, and I decided to open a burger bar because we were tired of driving for half an hour just to get a Big Mac. But we didn't want to open any old burger bar, it had to be something special...special like mi burger.

Our burger philosophy can be split into four parts:


Wherever possible we use fresh ingredients and prepare all our food in store every day. It would be much easier to buy ready-made burgers or frozen fries but that would make a rubbish burger and fries. So we buy 100% chuck steak which is ground up, and then we make it into a burger ourselves. And our French fries arrive in the form of a real potato which we have to chop, wash and pre-cook before it's ready to be fried for our customers.

Value for Money

Although consistently high quality produce is our top priority, we also endeavour to offer value for money to our wonderful customers (for it can feel like you need a second mortgage in order to take your family out for a burger nowadays). We are continually striving to source the best quality ingredients, for the best possible price, in order to keep prices down for our customers. So for example, rather than use the most expensive cuts of beef, like sirloin or rump for instance, we use chuck steak (which we actually think is more flavoursome).


It's possible for any of our amazing team of 'Burgermeisters' to make you a burger and fries in less than 3 minutes. You can eat it in-store, or take it over the road to the Angel and enjoy it with a pint or a glass of Chablis. If you like, you can order in advance so it's waiting for you when you arrive or, even better, why not order it for delivery and we'll bring it to you, in a heated bag, at a time of your choosing.


We try to respond to any enquiry within a few hours, whether its through Facebook, email or smoke signal and we are always delighted to hear from any of our customers even if it's to complain about something. Because we are human, sometimes we do make mistakes, but if we are not told that we have made a mistake, or even worse find out about it on Facebook, then we can't learn from it and make amends.